Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition science is complex. Your diet doesn’t have to be.

Everybody should have their nutritional status checked periodically. Just as doctors perform physical exams, nutritionists perform nutritional evaluations.

Dietary quantity

Optimal body mass is a prerequisite for health.

Check if your body weight is optimal by using the BMI calculator bellow.

Calculate BMI
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BMI is a good, but not ideal tool for checking if your body mass is in the adequate range.

Body fat percentage is more precise. Measure it with the calculator below.

Calculate BF
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Besides body fat percentage, its distribution is important too.

Check your fat tissue distribution with the calculator below.

Calculate WHR
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Dietary quality

The fact that your body mass is in the ideal range does not mean that you have a healthy diet.

Dietary quality affects your health, regardless of its quantity. Fill out this short questionnaire and find out if your diet is healthy.

Relationship with food

Is food causing you stress? Are you an emotional eater? Do you fear certain foods? You are not enjoying food?

There is a room for improvement in your relationship with food.

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