Why You Need a Nutritionist

Healthy diet, food education

While some still don’t know who a nutritionist is and what he does, most ask themselves whether they need it or is it worth the financial investment. Here I’ll try to show why that’s a smart move for maintaining and improving your health, both physical and psychological, regardless of your knowledge about diet.

Healthy or Proper Diet

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Terms healthy and proper diet are often interchanged freely. In practice, there’s no difference, but I’d like to write a few words on their meanings. Up until recently I avoided the term healthy and utilized the term proper, simply because I hadn’t completely made up my mind on what the definition of health should be. I still haven’t, but sometimes you need to compromise.

Adolescents’ Diet

Adolescent's diet

Adolescence marks the period between childhood and adulthood filled with physiological, psychological, and sociological changes. It begins with puberty, but its ending is hard to define because it does not depend on the end of physical growth only, but also on cultural changes such as getting a job and moving out of the parents’ home.

College Diet

College food, college diet

During my college days at Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, I had my lunch and dinner in the student canteen. I was warned almost instantly that canteen food was horrible, unhealthy, toxic, cancerogenic, other-currently-popular-words. Even though I supported this viewpoint in the beginning, as I educated myself more I started to question it.

Omega-3 and Health – Cancer

In my last article I wrote about Ω-3 fatty acids, commenting on their potential health benefits. Considering the comments I received saying it seemed like I promote Ω-3 supplements after I mentioned the risks of excess blue fish consumption, I would like to clear the air right away and say it most certainly isn’t so.