B2B Consulting

Nutrition in business

Apply nutrition science in business and add value to your services, customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Workshops and lectures

Education about healthy diet is a first step towards changing dietary habits. Nutritionist, as a qualified expert, will offer you practical and competent advice through interactive lessons about improving the quality of a diet, improving your meal preparation and stressing less about it.

Workshops and lectures cover topics about:

  • optimal diet for general population 
  • diet at working environment 
  • popular diets 
  • supplements 
  • sports nutrition  
  • other agreed topics

Employee education

  • Healthy cooking 
  • Food allergens 
  • Food storage



  • Extending food and drinks menu offer (including special dietary needs) 
  • Adjusting presentation of offer with legislative (EU Regulation 1169/2011 of informing customers about food) 
  • Making food labelling for products

Hotel, Wellness and Fitness

  • Introducing nutrition services to every-day facilities 
  • Connecting with Department of food and beverages (F&B) 

Food stores

  • Recommendations for food product assortment expansion 
  • Guidance through healthy shopping 
  • Workshops for nutrition labelling education

Food and Pharmaceutical industry

  • Development of new products 
  • Science-based communication