Why You Need a Nutritionist

While some still don’t know who a nutritionist is and what he does, most ask themselves whether they need it or is it worth the financial investment. Here I’ll try to show why that’s a smart move for maintaining and improving your health, both physical and psychological, regardless of your knowledge about diet.

Wise advice to a listening ear is like gold earrings or fine jewelry.


Why not?

Let’s begin with excus… I mean, reasons. There are plenty more than these mentioned here.


We live in the age of information overload. Almost everything is available online, with more or less effort, and most of it is free. Dietary information is no different. In theory, it shouldn’t be too difficult to compile data into an optimal diet. But not every information is equally valuable or even correct.

Moreover, I dare say that most dietary information you can find in the media is incorrect.

It’s not hard to see that low quality information can lead to the false idea of knowledge – and the lack of need for professional help.

Also, a large number of people believe their diet is healthy. Unfortunately, most of them are often wrong. If they weren’t, there wouldn’t be so many diet-related diseases. Check if your diet is heatlhy here.


Not everyone can call themselves a lawyer. In an ideal world, not everyone could call themselves a nutritionist. But we don’t live in such a world, let alone in such a state, so nutritionist don’t necessarily have even a diploma, let alone knowledge.

Amateurs can’t give you quality advice, and their large numbers result in a vortex of contradictory information where not even an educated professional can find their way around.

That’s why people lose confidence in nutrition as a science branch.


By our nature, we are inclined to solving only visible problems. When we talk of health, problems „boil“ for quite some time before they become visible. To address them after the occurence of symptoms is lot less efficient than preventing them.

Even though many fake nutritionists and scammers will claim otherwise, diet will not cure a disease, but it can prevent it.


The most common reason for not hiring a professional of any kind is the lack of money. Sometimes this reason is valid. But often, it is an excuse. As a society we have not yet reached the level where we consider paying for knowledge a money well spent.

There is a general misconception about healthy diet being expensive. It’s true one must invest in it (fruits and vegetables aren’t cheap) but this amount is not much bigger than the one we invest in a low- or mediocre-quality diet. Also, a good nutritionist will take into consideration your financial state and adjust the advice accordingly, as well as provide you with recommendations how to save up money while buying foods.

In the end, let me ask you – how much is your health worth to you?

Why do you need a nutritionist?


Quality diet results in longer and better/healthier life. This is pretty self-explanatory.


Someone invested a great portion of their life to become an expert in a very specific area of human knowledge. That is why they don’t have time to become an expert in other areas.

This leads to job specialization – the age of outsourcing.

Depending on complexity of the problem, it’s often more productive to hire an expert to solve a problem than to invest your own time into accumulating the knowledge necessary for the solution. This leaves you with time lost, that you could have invested into becoming more of an expert in your own field of expertise.

You wouldn’t let your hairdresser take out your tooth, right? Nor would you let your dentist do your hair. Unless you have a hairdo like mine. Then you wouldn’t care. More on my hair, por lack thereof, here.

When talking about diet, a nutritionist is an expert who has the necessary dietary knowledge. They can filter through unnecessary information more efficiently than you and save you time, giving you a proven, applicable and practical advice or a diet plan.


The amount of dietary information around us is unimaginable. It’s frustrating to try and go through it all. It’s not possible, either.

So the abovementioned filtering of information by a nutritionist will save your nerves as well. Unless you’re a masochist who enjoys getting confused by contradictory information.


Nutritionists cost money. Nothing is for free. Which means you will spend some cash.

However, it will save you money long-term. Diet can prevent many diseases that would both cost you money and not let you earn any.

Also, isn’t health priceless

Now that you see that you could use a nutritionist, don’t hesitate to contact one.