Toxic Detox

Our bodies are full of toxins which shorten our life and make it unbearable. They cause many troubles, from hair loss to stores having too many jeans to choose from, and they also make your boss an asshole.

We must need detox.

But what is detox? Just as the phrase moderation, detox doesn’t mean much, and you can interpret it any way you like. Detox comes in many forms, from non-dietary to dietary form, more or less extreme, from drinking smoothies all day long, to fasting for three weeks, all the way to colon irrigation.

Typical dietary form of detox is…

I’ll analyze the typical dietary form of detox involving consuming various combinations of fruit and vegetable juices as a sole source of food through a certain period of time.

Because there’s no better way to detox than ingest liters of squeezed fruits and vegetables which make you obsessed with hunger, and your feces a mass of unidentified color and unbearable stench. Unless the juice is cold pressed and ecological. Then it has the essence of a flower.

If you haven’t noticed the sarcasm until now, allow me to make it clearer.

Detox is crap.

It usually causes one as well.

Regardless of the fact that detox benefits are mentioned so often you get the feeling it’s essential for maintaining health, hair, and peace at work, the thing is your liver, kidneys, lungs, as well as your lymphatic system, detox the body with amazing efficiency.

How toxic is the world around us?

I know you won’t believe me, but the world is not such a toxic place. Yes, toxins are around us and inside of us. Always have been and always will be. We can’t avoid them completely, nor should we try to hard.

The presence of a certain toxin in our body doesn’t mean it’s harmful. The dose makes the poison, even cholesterol in our blood veins knows this. With that in mind, our bodies have developed solid mechanisms of dealing with smaller quantities of toxins and they generally do not require help.

If you’re really full of toxins – poisoned in a medical sense – go see a medical doctor immediately and he will prescribe you the adequate treatment.

Does detox detox?

There’s another bad news for juicer salesmen – juice detox has as much ground in scientific literature as does homeopathy. For those less familiar with science – it has none.

Detox not only doesn’t clear you from these infamous toxins, but it can also have a negative effect on your health. Its milder forms probably won’t pose a problem, especially short-term ones, but as detox gets more extreme and the longer it lasts, risks of damaging your health grow bigger.

Unlike smoothies, which are fruits and vegetables blendedjuices are squeezed – meaning all the solid parts have been left out. Thus they contain no fiber and lack certain vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients thar have been attached do that fiber. In other words, they have lower nutritional value than smoothies.

What do to focus on?

Instead of focusing on detox, focus on consuming enough fruits and vegetables in their original or blended form. Smoothies can provide a significant increase in quality of your diet as an extra daily intake or a perfect alternative if you can’t or won’t consume fruits and vegetables on their own.

Forget about detox. It’s just another, although very successful, attempt of creating problems where there aren’t any, and creating a just as imaginary solution.