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nutrilosophia.com project began in 2011 as a reaction to the rising number of nutritional misinformation in the media. Through articles, free dietary assessment, individualized programs, lectures and workshops, we aim to demistify diet, simplify dietary advice and put focus on actually important factors of a diet.

We do not promote any specific dietary approach. We use our scientific experience for critical interpretation of the literature. Because of that, we give unbiased advice in the best interest of our readers and clients.

Diet is more than just a number on the scale, even more than just the nutrients that make it. We emphasize the psychological component of healthy eating and a healthy approach to food. Our goal is not to plan a perfect diet, rather an optimal one.

Our clients include numerous local and international top athletes, among other OlympicEuropean and World champions in different sports, as well as national champions and record holders. We offer nutrition students opportunities for professional development and collaborate with a number of fitness centers, coaches, psychologists, as well as institutions and organizations such as Cochrane Croatia, together promoting a healthier lifestyle and scientific approach to nutrition.


Bojan Stojnić, phd

Common sense nutritionist

Graduated with MSc in Nutrition science from University of Zagreb Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology. Obtained his PhD in Nutrigenomics and Personalized nutrition in Spain. Former president of Croatian Association of Nutritionists – the first nutritionist organization in Croatia – with which he shares the goal of promoting nutrition science and protecting the nutritionist profession. For many years he played basketball in the 2nd Croatian league, and he also finished the Ironman triathlon. 

Actively advocating the use of scientific method in understanding and explaining the world. Focuses on bigger picture instead of isolated, often irrelevant, dietary factors. He opposes dietary ideologies and obsessing about diet.

He doesn’t endorse any single dietary approach that would make him biased in interpreting literature. Instead, he bases his advice on best available scientific literature. If new quality data presents itself, he is willing to put into context the existing knowledge and change his advice accordingly. He doesn’t claim to have all the answers. Highly emphasizes the importance of psychological and social component of nutrition. 

He is not trying to write perfect articles. He writes to deliver better understanding and useful advice.

Anja Rimac, msc

Preventive Nutritionist

When she enrolled to ballet studio at the age of 7, she couldn’t have dreamed that 11 years later she would be acquiring a master’s degree in Nutrition science from Faculty of Food Technology, University of Osijek. The bond between proper nutrition and strength needed for dancing was strong, and crucial for her career choice.

Apart from being nutrition consultant, she is also working a part time job as a ballet dancer in the National theater of Osijek. She is really trying to be the best example of an active and healthy individual, showing her clients that she believes in what she teaches. She claims that balanced nutrition is not, and shouldn’t be, a source of stress in our lives.

She emphasizes the role of nutrition in disease prevention, especially neurodegenerative disorders that usually occur in elderly people. The way she sees it, our current health is the reflection of our nutrition choices and habits made throughout our lives.

Josip Rešetar, msc

Realistic Nutritionist

Interest in food and health interconnection led him to the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb, where he graduated with an MSc in Nutrition. To obtain more comprehensive biomedical skills and competencies, he enrolled in the Master of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry.

During his studies, as the president of the Students’ Association of Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology – PROBION, he took part in organizing many dietetic and public health-related projects. He was awarded with 3 Rector’s as well as with 2 Dean’s awards. He is actively involved in scientific projects on the Faculty.

Josip is a supporter of an individualized approach and an opponent of reductionism. Strives for an optimal, not perfect, diet. Advocates healthy relationship with food and highlights the importance of psychological component in nutrition. Focused on setting specific and realistic goals.

He claims that education is the greatest value the client can get from working with a nutritionist.


Josip Rešetar predavanje pravilnoj prehrani
  1. Through articles and media appearances, demystify diet and establish nutrition as a science
  2. Through nutrition services, provide people with quality nutrition service based on scientific literature and best practice 
  3. Through business consulting, popularize applying nutrition to catering and other professions dealing with food


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