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Nutrition counseling center

We will organize your diet, and teach you how to eat well.

Test your diet and correct your mistakes.

provjereni nutricionizam


Scientific approach, no hype.

edukativni nutricionizam


Lifestyle change vs. short-term goals.

prakticni nutricionizam


Simple, but no simpler.

prehrana zdravlje

Invest in your health

Eat well, to add years to your life and life to your years. Enjoy the food that suits you, without useless limitations and miraculous superfoods. Unless you really like them.

prehrana masa

Optimise your weight

Reach, but also maintain your ideal weight. Instead of following harmful diets, order a customized diet plan that will truly suit your needs. There’s no need to re-gain your weight. You’re not a yo-yo.

prehrana sport

Optimise athletic performance

Invest in your career. Fulfill your potential. As an amateur or professional athlete, use nutrition as a tool to achieve maximum results.

  • Antonija Blaće - tv voditeljica

    Antonija Blaće

    TV host

    You know when they tell you that “it’s all in your head”? It really is. The team behind changes your perception and relationship towards diet, and turns food from an enemy to a friend. I’m pretty stubborn, but the team had both knowledge and patience to break my misconceptions about food.

  • Petar Muslim - Olimpijski prvak u vaterpolu

    Petar Muslim

    Olympic water polo champion

    At first I had my doubts about working with nutritionists because of a negative reputation that follows them. However, I quickly realized that I’d made a fantastic choice for my career. has a professional team who makes the transition process easier with their expertise, yet a pleasant approach.

  • Dario Čanađija - Hrvatski prvak u nogometu

    Dario Čanađija

    Croatian football champion

    The collaboration represented a very valuable investment in my career. Besides the fact that I have achieved the results that I wanted, my relationship with food also improved. With professional guidance I realised changes can be achieved much easier than what I expected.

  • Denis Latin - hrvatski novinar

    Denis Latin

    TV host and journalist

    During the three months of the program, I lost 10 kg of excess weight, and I did not feel deprived of anything. I feel more energetic, I move and work out easier than before, and my Crohn’s disease-related digestive problems are effectively gone.

  • Denis Latin - hrvatski novinar

    Kristina Rodinis

    Amateur athlete

    Having a nutritionist drastically improved the quality of my life thanks to adding healthy diet in my lifestyle. Honest and friendly approach made this huge change much easier. Through every step of the process, I was never alone.

  • Denis Latin - hrvatski novinar

    Fatima Klempić-Selmanović

    Marketing manager

    I wanted a change in my diet, but I got much more. My nutritionist patiently supported me while educating me about food, teaching me how to develop healthy habits and how to implement them in my diet, while being on the road and also during Ramazan fasting.

plan prehrane

Meal plan

 Don’t think about what to eat. Your meal plan is available at any moment through our app.

prehrana napredak


Good habits are harder to adopt than bad ones. That’s why we offer a collaboration with a nutritionist, and not just a meal plan.

prehrana rezultat


Results require time and effort. Expert support makes the process easier and shorter.

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